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♥ Don’t be ungrateful for the things you haven’t got………..be GRATEFUL for the things you have!!!! ♥

A new year, a new start……… well even tho this year started really badly ……at this moment in time everything is where and how they should finally be!!! Family altogether and plans for our wedding have been started…………………..

Hey everyone,

Sorry it took so long for me to write but its been a busy couple of months……since the last time we spoke (which was around my sons 2nd birthday). These months have been full, christmas pasted and a new year has started, i broke up for what i thought was for good. Packed up whole of house and left. We went to athens first because we had the babys passport to fix and then my ex fiance (at the time) asked me to go with him for our last week as a family to his father in germany. I argeed for my son’s sake…the only thing i wanted was to get back home (england) to my family & friends who love me.

Anyway we enjoyed a week in Germany…especially my son, he was in heaven bless him. His grandfather ownes a childs play area and we played there from am to pm!!!

Then we left his daddy at the airport, it was hard saying goodbye (when your not sure when you are next going to meet???). I have to admit i did let a few tears loose…………………………………………..

We landed in england (back home), and my sister also her husband and my niece were there to meet us. We stayed over at there house for 3nights because they live where i was brought up. My mother has moved house and lives very far away (45 minutes with car/train). Anyway …….. i won’t bore you with all the information about what we did in england. But tomorrow i will tell you all how me & my son got to see his daddy and my ex fiance again!!!


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