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November 18th 2010

Hey everyone who is reading this,

So if you’ve already read my story you know i am a young mum who had alot of ups & downs with my relationship & also getting ajusted to becoming a mum. My horomones were sky high………………….there were alot of crazy moments indeed!!!

Now my baby boy is one year old & one month today and i feel so proud of him. Also of myself, i believe i am a very good mummy and i hope one day my little sunshine will tell me whether i am or not. All i can say is i try my very best to be the best mum ever.

Like all mums out there…………..

I am writing this blog to give all you new mums out there or women who want to become mums in the furture a few ideas and the help & answers to them things peopole dont tell you when your pregnant. Its not all fun & games…….. it also has sad moments, scary moments and arguing in your relationship.

There always stress when there is a child involed and yes it does preasure your relationship but if your relationship is meant to be then you get through it no matter what…………..its hard but worth it!!!

I hope by reading this i can give you all a small view of what it is like and how your feelings can become. You have times that you horomones are sooo messed up that you dont know what your doing. You dont have to feel alone hundreds of womens around the world goe through the same thing………..

Hopefully i will give some of you answers to your questions and you may even learn new things that will help you with your new born.

Well i will try!!!

From today i will be writing everyday with how i spend my day with my son, what new things he learns everyday and of course my feelings on everything.

Please feel free to answer my questions or even ask questions…………..or even just comment!!

Thank you & i hope its helpful!!!

Ysabel Jones


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