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Finding out i was pregnant…

Finding out i was pregnant…………….

1month later we had arranged to go out for a meal & drinks with some friends. We went for the meal and then we decided to go to the other biggest club on the island because the one I had worked in had closed for 1month due to rearrangements being took place. We went and met up with a lot of friends……….We had only ordered our first drink and I started feeling weird. But I just thought it will past so I kept dancing and laughing. 15minutes later I started feeling dizzy as well so I just kept still. 5mins later I started feeling sick also so I told him that after he had finished his drink we would have to leave due to me not feeling very well. I hadn’t even drank my drink I had only had one taste. That was it! So it couldn’t have been the drink…..Then all of a sudden I felt my strength in my legs weaking. An grabbed on to him…… he carried me outside and all I can remember is everthing being black & I couldn’t hear music just a few voices and the worst of all I couldn’t get a breath properly. It was weird & scary. Once we were outside and I breathed in the fresh air and we had walked a little, I started feeling a lot better. But still I just wanted to go home to sleep!

The next day his friend’s girlfriend who was a training doctor, came around to see me. She asked me a few questions on my health and then told me to rest & to go into her work the next day to get checked over. So I did….she found nothing and couldn’t understand what it was! I even took a pregnancy test and nothing. She told me that it was because I was waiting for my period or either it was that I was pregnant and it was too early to show on the tests. Hahahaha……… We had spoken about it. I mean about having a baby and we had both agreed to stop taking the pill and whatever happens happens. So we were kind of excited……but we both didn’t believe that I was pregnant. Anyway I took another 3-4 tests and still it said nothing. So I was due to go for a P.A.P test so I thought let’s just wait and see what my doctor will see in a week’s time.

The week pasted and I was having coffee with the girlfriend of his friend who was a doctor waiting to see my doctor. She offered to come with me so I said ok. Then he arrived and told me he would wait in the coffee shop and when we had finished to call him. We arrived at the doctors and I told him that I might be pregnant & he asked whether it was good or bad. We both laughed and said Great not good hahaha! Then we did P.A.P test and then he scanned my tummy and found a little circle thing and told me I was pregnant YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Me, I was really pregnant………….I couldn’t believe it because it was just a round circle dot thing. Then we arranged dates for checkups etc. doctor explained a lot of things to me about the pregnancy and told me to be careful because the first 3months of the pregnancy is the easiest time to lose the baby. Once we had finished we went to walk out of the doctor’s office with the doctor shouting whose going to be the proud dad. An there he was standing there he had came all the way from the coffee shop and was waiting for me. The doctor gave him a plastic cup with whiskey in it (It’s what they do here in Greece) and congratulated him. He was so shocked just standing there as if to say me a dad WOW! I felt so full up inside so happy so excited so loved and special. I had this little person inside me now growing and depending on me. It was the best feeling in the world. Having that feeling & having the person you love most in the world next to you holding your hand and as happy as you are. I felt fantastic……………………..