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How my life started

How my life started………….

Well hey everyone who is reading this ……..I would just like to tell you that this is my first blog so I hope you all can understand me & I will do it right!

Well first of all I am 21 years old british, living aboard (Greece) with my fiance and my 10 month old son. I am going to try and tell you guys all about my experience as a mum and how I came to this island in Greece and found the love of my life.

So ladies never be told that going to a greek island in the winter isn’t fun or that you can only find love in the summer…….LOL  because I certainly did find mine …in winter time!!

Firstly to let you know how I came to be in Greece. My mother brought me out here to Greece when I was just 15 years of age and stayed for 2 years until I was 17 and then she went back to the UK. Of course I was young and had been filled with excitement of the greek style of leaving so I decided on staying here in Greece. At the time a had a stable relationship and thought why not……… so I did.

In 2008 me & my boyfriend decided to go to an island here in Greece to work for the summer…………… but when we returned to Athens after the season which went fine.

The next morning after we had got back to Athens at the house of my boyfriend and was waiting to have breakfast he told me he had to speak to me about something  very important…

That’s when he told me that while we were away his crazy cousin had woke up one morning and had a bad temper and throw all my belongings out. (Only mine …..AS IF I was going to believe this …. I didn’t have anything with his cousin so there was no reason for him to do something so bad to me). I honestly don’t know what truly happened to my things. I didn’t even bother with going to the fuss of trying to find out………………….. I just thought they weren’t worth the bother.His cousin had some kind of mental illness or something….

The only thing was, that this relationship wasnt just a relationship, it was also a 10 year friendship.                                    But i thought fuck it!!! Who gives a fuck………these people arent even worth it!!!!

After all of this I just wanted to relax and sort my life out (stand on my own 2 feet like we say). It was unfortunate that it had a bad finish to it but this is life. After this I  just wanted to be alone and find my feet. It also was very hard for me to make a lot of choices due to me being on my own in a foreign country at the age of 19. So I moved from where I lived in Athens  and went to one of the most beautiful islands here in Greece to make a fresh start and it actual helped me a lot. I can actually say it was the easiest break up I have ever had considering I thought it would have been the worst due to us known each other for so many years.

Anyway to cut a long story short after a couple of days sleeping at friends houses and trying to figure out what I was going to do and where I was going to go. I went out for coffee with a friend and we were talking about what I was going to do. I had no home, not a lot of clothes & things due to my ex’s cousin  having thrown everything out. All of my belongings clothes, photos, jewelry & shoes etc. To put it this way think… of whatever you have in your bedroom or home being thrown away……….

All my memories gone …from when I was a baby, pictures, letters from my grandmother before she died……………. All my personal belongings just gone and then 2 minutes after being told this ……I also got told that this man couldn’t be with me no-more due to him wanting different things in his life-like marriage, kids basically starting a family & I was only 19 years of age. This wasnt the problem…. the problem was I didn’t feel the click with him for these kind of things……. Of course we had fun together I liked spending time with him but I couldn’t see myself settling down with him & becoming the mother of his children.

At this point I felt completely lost, I was all alone in a huge city & was wondering why……? What had I have done to end up in such a situation…….And then, there appeared my fairy godmother, it was my friend I was with for coffee(Who I had met on this island where I had come to work for the summer season).Coincidence?

NOPE…..Things also happen for the right reasons and if you are lucky to have a fairy godmother!!!!

Anyway she was returning to the island due to her partner being there for the winter and after all our thoughts she told me “ your best coming back with me” because Athens is not really a place for a 19 year young girl. If you get what I mean………………..so I did I joined her back to the island. I had so many feelings inside me ……..worried, nervous, scared & also a weird exciting feeling.

Once again to cut another long story short I came with her back to the island found 2 jobs also a little apartment. One job was Mon-Fri  9 am-3 pm & Fri-Sat in a club here on the island 10pm till 7am were I met my fiance.                      Ladies & Gentlemen this is where the fun, romance & excitement begins……………………………