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My first night alone in the hospital……………..

It was my first night away from my fiancé. My first night after a lot of months, that I didn’t have a big fat tummy. So I lied down to rest and watched television. Thankfully or my friends and family were text messaging me so I forgot about being alone & my little angel being in I.C.U for a while. When I finally finished chatted with everyone in the text messages, I then started chatting with the other two ladies who where in my room and were leaving the next morning. They had had little girls and they weren’t the first. The lady next to me had her second little girl and the lady facing me had her third daughter. They were nice but I was so jealous of them because they were leaving the next morning. I wanted to too. I wanted to go and get my little prince and take him back home with my fiancé and for us all just to be together……………but I knew inside of me that it wasn’t going to happening, My baby boy needed to stay in I.C.U for a few more days to get stronger.

As I was going to sleep the door opened and it was one of the midwifes bringing the ladies babies in for them to feed. I felt horrible at this moment. I was like okay wheres my newborn little baby????????????????

I felt like I was an outsided, like I was some little person who was just there watching everyone and like I didn’t have a reason to be there. I was watching how happy the mums where. The ladies were laughing and joking. I was smiling too but inside of me I felt hurt, full of worry, scared and lonely. I didn’t want to show or tell anyone this so I just smiled & told the ladies how beautiful their little girls were. After they had feed them the nurses came took them and we fell asleep but it felt like 1hour at the most they brought the babies back. So once again I had to sit there watching this two ladies cuddling and sweet talking to their babies. Don’t get me wrong of course I was happy for them and of course it was nice to see. Just not at this moment when I was feeling so bad and I couldn’t have my little prince with me in my arms to cuddle………….So as you guessed for the next 2-3hours I tried to sleep but as a dropped off they brought one of the little girls back saying that she was still hungry. So as you’ll all have probably guessed by now, I didn’t get any sleep that night. I had the excitement also of wanting to go to see my prince at 12pm…………………

The next morning at 7:30am the nurses came storming in our room opening curtains banging shouting ‘good morning, breakfast!’. I was like oh my word…………. What’s going on??? It didn’t help that I hadn’t slept at all. They then brought me a breakfast that was disgusting. My doctor had forgotten to tell them that I wasn’t diabetic anymore. So I didn’t eat it. I jumped in the shower and fixed myself with a little makeup and nice clean pajamas (I hadn’t brought any clothes with me). I wasn’t bothered though because all the other women were in their pajamas too. I was dressed from head to toe in pink it was quiet funny I was like a little Barbie doll.

Once I was ready I jumped back on the bed and watched television, I also had our laptop with us so I played games. I was waiting for my fiancé to come. So I was full of excitement at this moment, I just wanted to see him and get a big cuddle of him. He called me and told me that he would be here at around 10- 10:30am but time pasted and it was 12pm and he still wasn’t here. So I called him and he told me he had arrived. When he came upstairs to my room he was with one of his mum’s really good friends. She’s like a auntie to him, were will be staying in her house when we get out of the hospital and that’s where my fiancé is staying now. I was so happy just seeing him and having someone else coming to see me and being happy for us.

As I said before I felt alone because I didn’t have my family & friends with me they were all back in England and it was hard. Anyway we went downstairs to see our new baby boy……….

He was even more beautiful than last night when I had seen him. My feelings felt stronger, all I wanted to do was get him in my arms and never let him go. He was my new baby son and I felt like someone wouldn’t let me enjoy him like I should have been. But then on the other side I kept thinking he’s better off in here with all the doctors looking after him.

Anyway my doctor had arrived to see him too. He also told us that he had spoke with the baby’s doctor who had told him that our little prince is on a good road of getting stronger fast also that all we can do is sit tight and keep praying. So that’s what we did…..




Giving birth suddenly to my beautiful little prince…..

We arrived back at the hospital and my boyfriend started sorting out the papers, checking us in. An I went in to the changing room. There was a nurse he told me I had to take all my jewelry off and change my clothes. So I went out to my boyfriend who was standing there smiling filling out papers. I was texting my mum telling her that I would call her once I have been checked in and if anything changed my boyfriend would call.                                                           An all of a sudden………………………………………I burst out crying. I tried to hide it but there was an old woman there telling me “everything will be fine my dear, don’t worry!!!”  Then my boyfriend came, he stared laughing saying “come on don’t cry, there’s nothing to worry about.” The worst thing was he couldn’t come in with me while I got ready and I felt alone and scared. I took my jewelry off but my engagement ring I told them I wasn’t taking off. Just in case something happened to me I wanted to have this on me to keep me safe. An to feel loved. It’s weird to explain but am sure you women out there reading this can understand me……………….

My doctor came in while the nurse took my details. She told me to strip and put this horrible blue hospital slip on. So I asked why I couldn’t put my pajamas on. My doctor laughed and said “how will you give birth with you pajamas on” and then I felt the floor moving from under my feet. I was in shock….. The nurse was doing things, asking me things and I can’t remember answering anything. My doctor answered them for me. My eyes were watering and I felt so scared and alone. Then some young male nurse came talking away trying to take my mind off it but I couldn’t listen to him. I was so afraid, thinking will my baby be okay, it’s too early for him to come & these questions were just going over and over in my head. I got put in a bed with a drip on me and the machine again to measure contractions. Then my boyfriend walked in from head to foot in green hahahahaha he looked funny thinking about it now. At the time I was just so happy to see him, thinking now I’ll be fine he will be next to me and I felt I could do anything with him by my side. I started to forget or should I say not think so much of the baby being unwell when he arrived. My pains started to get worst and I could only think of my breathing and concentrate on how I should be breathing. I could see my boyfriend was turning white and he didn’t look well at all. The thing that finished him off was when the nurse brought him the piece of paper to sign which was to say that the hospital wasn’t responsible for anything that would happen to him. Hahahahaha…………………………………. He turned white from head to foot. But he didn’t want to leave me bless him. I told him to go outside and I would be fine. I had to, he was looking terrible and I had to concentrate on me & the baby. Not whether my boyfriend would be okay. Hahahaha!!!!!

All I remember was near the end a nurse and my doctor holded my legs back and told me to push and the nurse went flying hahahaha she was a bitch though because the cheeky bitch turned around and shouted at me for doing it wrong. I was like HEEELLLLOOOO am in pain here giving birth for the first time, am all alone, my babies 2months early and you’re telling me am doing it wrong!!!!! She was lucky I was just thinking how to get this baby out of me okay & I was in too much pain to kill her lol.

Then I remember that the doctor was holding my hand telling me everything was going to be fine and to hold on. But I felt so tired, I hadn’t eaten, nor slept & my heart felt like it had stopped….. I begged my doctor to give me some medicine…..I just wanted the epidural but he couldn’t give it to me he said it takes 10mins to work and I would have given birth within 5mins. An then I couldn’t do nothing else, not even think, I was rushed off into theater. They put my feet high up in them horrible things and my doctor told me to push one more time. There were about 10 nurses man/women. Which was abit humiliating but anyway a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. The last thing I remember was when I pushed I heard a little cry and I thought he’s out but then I felt him kick me. He was only half out and then I pushed a little more and the doctor pulled him out. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. They weighed him put him in a blanket and brought him to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes…… He was the best thing that had ever happened to me. He was gorguess, he was soooo tiny and then he went to cry and I said “Eeee…..no no sunshine…” and he stopped. He holded my little finger with his gorguess tiny hand. I was full of happiness it was the best moment, the happiest, and the most exciting moment I had ever been in. It was truly just like a dream come true. There was only one person missing…………………………….DADDY!!!!My doctor was calling for him but no sign. Then I asked him where is he and my doctor shouted at the nurses to go and find him ASAP. I carried on cuddling my baby boy. He was all I could have ever wished for!!!!!!

After they stitched me up…….which was probably the worst bit of it all and the most painfulness. But they were very clever, they had given me the baby to hold first so I couldn’t shout or move. Honestly I wanted to kill them I was in so much pain again, I could feel everything but I was amazed with my new born baby boy. He was perfect!!!

After they finished stitching me up they took the baby off me, he had to go upstairs to intensive care. It was a horrible feeling having him took from me, i had only just giving birth to him but I knew they had to it was for the best. A male nurse came to take me into the other room. He attached the other half of the bed to the half I was sitting on and I felt like he kicked my insides. It killed I was already hurting and in so much pain……MEN!!! Then another younger male nurse came and rolled me into the next room but from every doorway we passed the was a ramp on the floor. Which it nearly finished me off, I must have bitten all of my lips to pieces with holding my anger in. But then we stopped and there he was my boyfriend with a big worried, happy, cheerful & one of kind smile on his face. I was just glad to see him. When I looked in his eyes I could see them full with tears of happiness & I could feel my own doing the same. He came over to me & kissed me with a quick cuddle to follow. Then he was back to himself teasing me asking were my tummy had disappeared to. It was amazing in one way but in the other upsetting that my baby bump had disappeared. I was like okay then was that a dream or did I just give birth and if so where’s my gorguess little baby boy. I was exhausted and just wanted to take my baby in my arms and fall asleep cuddling him.

Then my doctor told us they had to take me in the next room for 2hours to rest and to keep an eye on me so I never lost anymore blood etc. A n once again I was all alone again. My doctor kept coming and going checking on me, he was by my side but what can I say its not the same. All I wanted was to have my little boy with me and my boyfriend. With my tiredness I nodded on and off but nurses kept walking backwards and forwards past me. My doctor was funny when he brought me a box of chocolates and said look now you can eat something sweet. But I felt sick and very tired I refused.

Then as I was thinking okay its over with now the worst of the pain, its just getting through the healing but how wrong was i…………………………………. some horrible oldish female nurse came over my bedside and told me to open my legs, so I did. An then saddening she shuffed this long stick thing inside of me. It was like a long straw. She told me it was to check for bleeding but I died with the pain!!! Once I got my breath back I asked her whether she was a mother and she answer me with a snotty attitude “Yes , I am why do you ask?” I felt like saying because you fucking stupid bitch, haven’t you got any pitty for me. I have only just gave birth, I am all stitched up and swollen down there and you have just stuck a straw thing in there not even trying to becarefull!!!!!!!!!” But because I was in no mood to argue I just asked whether they were natural births or c-sections. Guess what……she had had both children through c-section. So she couldn’t even begin to understand the pain I was in down there.

Anyway the 2hours pasted thank god, I was feed up watching the clock and just wanted to go to the ward to rest!!! This young nurse who was in on the birth came to get me and he must have been gay. No offence to gays, I love them but he was so nice and you could just tell by his talking. I was in no mood though for his conversations he was trying to make with me. Oh and we had all the ramps again in every doorway. I am denfitenly sure it was a male who designed them doorways. I was like ‘Oh my god, how many more??? I cant cope!!’

Then we arrived on the ward 5th floor. Every door way we pasted they had big balloons & flowers outside. It was lovely & exciting to see. I was sure every time we pasted a blue balloon that it was my stop. But I was wrong outside my room there was nothing. Which I suddenly felt empty and lost the excitement I had inside of me. We entered my room where there was another 2 ladies with their husbands. They put me in bed and there was no sign of my husband-to be. This made me feel sick. Once again I felt so alone and all my dreams about how this would/should have been were being destroyed but then I found a lovely little blue baby boy teddy in my bed waiting for me with a balloon attached to my bed. I began to relax. A kind gentleman, one of the ladies husbands offered me there mobile to call him. So I did and told him I was waiting in the room. He came after 10mins and I felt a lot better seeing him but still I just wanted to go home with our newborn baby to sleep altogether. As I knew this wasn’t going to happen I tried to relax and we just sat there chatting away about what our newborn baby looked like and what our experiences were like. After 2hours I couldn’t relax as much as I wanted because I was still with that horrible hospital blue wrap around thing on me. I felt dirty and just wanted to get showered and put my pyjamas on and go to see our baby. So I asked the nurse and she told me it was best to leave it for tonight and to go tomorrow but of course not I had to go now. I wanted to see again before I went to sleep and wish him sweet dreams. I wanted to make sure he knew we were waiting for him to get better and he did have a mummy & daddy waiting for him. He wasent alone.

The nurse told me she would have to join me bathroom so that she could watch that I didn’t faint or anything. I told her that my fiancé would come in with me but he never I alos told him if I needed anything I would shout him. So I had my shower fix a little of my hair and brushed my teeth and I was ready. Ready to go to see my son!!!!

We took the lift down because it was 4floors to intensive care. Once I left the lift I felt myself getting dizzy so I quickly sat down and said to my fiancé ‘shhhhhhhh….. don’t tell anyone. I just need to sit down for 1minute and then we can go in’ he laughed and said its fine to take as long as I needed. After a couple of minutes I returned to my feet and we entered the intensive care unit. There were 3 rooms, room 1 was the worst room on the ward it was for the babies who were touch and go, room 2 was a little bit better and room 3 was were our little boy was which was for the babies who had little problems. As soon as I walked in I could feel my heart racing. And then I saw him, this tiny beautiful baby lying there in this horrible incubator helpless. I sudden remembered my little sister (Yes, one of my sisters died at 1month old) and the last time I saw her she was in a incubator. I began to start feeling sick & very scared. I didn’t want to leave him I want to take him in my arms and cuddle him. But instead all I could do was hold his little hand. Telling him that mummy & daddy were there waiting to take him home and that’s why he had to grow stronger so that we could take him home to play. It broke my heart seeing him like this but I tried to keep telling myself it was for the best. But like any other mother on this planet, I think you will all agree with me that the best thing for our children is giving by us mums. That’s how I felt anyway that I had to help him in some way. I had to show him how much I loved him and make him feel our love and that we were both there waiting for him to get better. After 20mins we blow him kisses good night and it killed me but we left the ward. Visiting time was over. Now I knew I had to go upstairs to rest and in a few minutes my fiancé would have to leave too and I would be alone again. Anyway we returned to my room and chatted for half an hour until visiting time was over. Then kissed goodnight and off he went to get a taxi.

Finding out i was pregnant…………….

1month later we had arranged to go out for a meal & drinks with some friends. We went for the meal and then we decided to go to the other biggest club on the island because the one I had worked in had closed for 1month due to rearrangements being took place. We went and met up with a lot of friends……….We had only ordered our first drink and I started feeling weird. But I just thought it will past so I kept dancing and laughing. 15minutes later I started feeling dizzy as well so I just kept still. 5mins later I started feeling sick also so I told him that after he had finished his drink we would have to leave due to me not feeling very well. I hadn’t even drank my drink I had only had one taste. That was it! So it couldn’t have been the drink…..Then all of a sudden I felt my strength in my legs weaking. An grabbed on to him…… he carried me outside and all I can remember is everthing being black & I couldn’t hear music just a few voices and the worst of all I couldn’t get a breath properly. It was weird & scary. Once we were outside and I breathed in the fresh air and we had walked a little, I started feeling a lot better. But still I just wanted to go home to sleep!

The next day his friend’s girlfriend who was a training doctor, came around to see me. She asked me a few questions on my health and then told me to rest & to go into her work the next day to get checked over. So I did….she found nothing and couldn’t understand what it was! I even took a pregnancy test and nothing. She told me that it was because I was waiting for my period or either it was that I was pregnant and it was too early to show on the tests. Hahahaha……… We had spoken about it. I mean about having a baby and we had both agreed to stop taking the pill and whatever happens happens. So we were kind of excited……but we both didn’t believe that I was pregnant. Anyway I took another 3-4 tests and still it said nothing. So I was due to go for a P.A.P test so I thought let’s just wait and see what my doctor will see in a week’s time.

The week pasted and I was having coffee with the girlfriend of his friend who was a doctor waiting to see my doctor. She offered to come with me so I said ok. Then he arrived and told me he would wait in the coffee shop and when we had finished to call him. We arrived at the doctors and I told him that I might be pregnant & he asked whether it was good or bad. We both laughed and said Great not good hahaha! Then we did P.A.P test and then he scanned my tummy and found a little circle thing and told me I was pregnant YEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Me, I was really pregnant………….I couldn’t believe it because it was just a round circle dot thing. Then we arranged dates for checkups etc. doctor explained a lot of things to me about the pregnancy and told me to be careful because the first 3months of the pregnancy is the easiest time to lose the baby. Once we had finished we went to walk out of the doctor’s office with the doctor shouting whose going to be the proud dad. An there he was standing there he had came all the way from the coffee shop and was waiting for me. The doctor gave him a plastic cup with whiskey in it (It’s what they do here in Greece) and congratulated him. He was so shocked just standing there as if to say me a dad WOW! I felt so full up inside so happy so excited so loved and special. I had this little person inside me now growing and depending on me. It was the best feeling in the world. Having that feeling & having the person you love most in the world next to you holding your hand and as happy as you are. I felt fantastic……………………..


How I met my fiance..

How I met my fiance??????

It was October and I had just started working at my night job Fri-Sat 10pm till 7am in the club here.  I was so nervous the first few days due to me not knowing anyone on the island and I felt as if the eye was on me wherever I went. Due to me being the new girl, blonde & very young (19yrs old). This might not seem strange to some of you people but here o this island it is like a black swan in the lake with all the white swans. Every time I looked around there was someone staring at me. You might think this was a nice thing, I mean nice to be noticed but no it was too much and made me feel uncomfortable. But what can you do……. You just get on with it!!!!

One night there was a tall, handsome, dark blonde guy staring in my direction. He stud out from everyone else. Due to him being a lighter colour to all the other people in the club. He was about 1,90m with dark blonde hair, blue eyes & a gorguess smile. I didn’t really take any notice of when people stared at me but this was different. I tried not to pay any attention to him, which was easy due to me being run of my feet making drinks. It was ok….           until he came over to the bar where I was working and asked me to make him a drink & 1 for his friend. He then asked me where was I from? You could definitely see he was trying to make convocation. Shortly into our conversation he told me that he was German but has been brought up all his life in Greece. So more enough 99% Greek & 1%German (Blood).  From that moment on our eyes kept meeting. I seen him every day in work but we didn’t speak to each other again we just let on to each other Hahahahaha……………………

He was with his friend and their friend was working on the cash machine next to me. So I always had him next to me. It was fun, I really liked their company. We had a laugh every night, my friends would come in and we would all be together laughing & joking. It made time pass….

Around 2weeks later I was out for coffee with one of my friends. His friend that worked on the cash machine at the club called me and asked where I was, and then whether we wanted to go with him for lunch. My friend didn’t mind so we arranged to meet in an hour just a little further down from the coffee shop we were at. So the hour pasted and me & my friend walked to meet him at the top of the hill. But then what did we see…………………the tall blonde German man. He was there standing next to his friend just staring. I couldn’t believe it.

I acted calm and carried on walking over to them. We all said hi and then as I was walking over to his friends car he shouted “ay babe….you’re over here” so I got in his ride instead and my friend went with his friend. As you have probably guessed the two cars where both only two seaters. They were a smart car & Mercedes SLK compressor. Which was annoying because we all could have been in one car but it actually made it more interesting & exciting hahaha…

In the 10minute car journey we just chatted about everyday things. Once we arrived at the tavern…. their other friend who was the German guys best friend, was there waiting. At dinner we all laughed and joked but nothing happened with me & the handsome man. We sat next to each other but I got the feeling he was shy even tho he was loud & acted hard. We didn’t even speak to each other even though we were sat next to each other. It was more of a group conversation but still it was okay. We didn’t even know each other yet so there wasn’t much we could say to each other. We could just ask each other a lot of questions hahaha and we couldn’t have done that due to us not being alone. Also to be honest I went off him because all they spoke about was money ……who had the most and who never. Things like that really piss me off. It wasn’t just me tho my friend was showing that their conversation was pissing her off. She was sitting there with her head down and rolling her eyes. Which was making me laugh. I don’t care about things like this because money can’t buy you a lot of things. Actually the most important things in life it can’t buy you. It can only help you in lots of ways.

Anyway when we left the taverna we then went to a coffee shop in the centre where it was only me, my friend, him & his friend (not the one who worked with me he had to leave us).  We chatted a little more and then said our thanks for dinner & goodbyes. Me & my friend went home to mine.

Once we arrived back we chatted about the dinner with another girlfriend of ours. She was not really happy with me getting involved with their company. The three gentlemen didn’t really have a good name with the ladies. To be correct someone had told me at the time “fuck & run”. Our girlfriend had a bad feeling because these men had been with lots of girls and used them (that’s just men for you though….it’s their nature ha-ha….). At the time I didn’t take any notice because I wasn’t interested anyway as I said before I just wanted to be left alone and to have as much fun as possible. So I just laughed & didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying,

1week pasted and I got on with my life as usual new jobs having fun going out with the girlies and friends for coffee & drinks. It was great…….I loved it and to be honest I didn’t even think about men. Then the Friday night came and as usual I got ready went to the club. Then as usual around 1:30am – 2am they walked income to their usual spot & said hi to the usual people. We once again had a great night laughing and joking.

Saturday night came and went. We were closing and I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands some man walked in and looked me up and down and asked me how I was. He then asked me whether I was going to see the other girl staff again because they had left there two phones on the bar side. As I had made plans with them to meet at the bakery (like every night) I told him I would take their phones. He then carried on staring and I laughed and asked him whether I could help him with anything else. And he replied ‘no no am sorry am just leaving’ hahahahaha MEN!!!

When I arrived at the bakery there were a lot of people including the two girls I worked with and the man from before in the toilets with his friends. They were sitting altogether and shouted me to go over. I bought something to eat and then joined them. They were funny too……. nice lads. I was thinking to me I really like this island and the people. At this moment one of the girls telephone rang and she started shouting because the person on the telephone was teasing her…..he wouldn’t tell her who it was. Then all of a sudden while I was having a conversation, with the boy from the toilet and how I ended up in santorini at winter time. She shouted my name and told me there was a ‘malaka’ on the telephone asking for me hahahahahaha…………… (Just for all you people who don’t know what malaka means it means WANKER lol). I took the phone and at this minute everyone was looking at me. An guess who it was??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The gorguess German lad asking how I was getting home. So I told him by taxi I didn’t like people taking me home especially people I didn’t know. He offered to take me home but I told him it was no problem for me to get a taxi, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and so I agreed. He arrived in a matter of 2minutes ha-ha I didn’t even have time to say bye to everyone. I tried to not make it obvious that I was meeting him. To be honest I didn’t care I just wanted to get in his car and see him. Like I said I didn’t feel anything for him yet I just liked the way he was with me. Not too much flirting just enough to show me that he liked me……………

On the way home we chatted about different things. Things like how I ended up here? Relationships, what were my future plans? Etc. So I told him I wanted to be alone that’s why I came to the island ………….. At the time I didn’t know for sure yet that he liked me. An now when we talk about it he tells me “what I was meant to say after you said you didn’t want anyone” hahahahaha…….. ”I didn’t know what to say next” Bless him!!!! But how was I meant to know lol!!! I just thought he was just like the others just wanting that 1thing………..

He left me at my home just like a perfect gentleman ……….before I left his car he asked me for my telephone number. I gave it to him, said thank you for ride and goodnight. I went to bed that night with a big smile on my face and wondering whether he would call sometime through the week………

The week pasted quickly and no call or text message from him. It was soon Friday again……. And as usual at 1:30 – 2am he & his friend walked in the club. But this time it was different there was more feeling to it. Excitement, cheeky smiling at each other and lots of flirting. He seemed like a nice lad but I thought don’t be fooled. Their all like that until they get what they want. But still I thought fuck it lets just have a little bit of fun. So we laughed, danced, flirted and had lots to drink. He took me home again but once again nothing happened we just chatted. But this was not the end of the night this time……………… I went for my shower and when I returned to my bed and checked my phone he had texted me. Asking what I was doing? I replied and told him how I had just got out of the shower and was lying in bed now. At this point I could see he was interested in me. We said goodnight to each other after a couple more texts nothing special. But now I knew he was interested because why would he text me and make conversation over these things if he wasn’t.

The next Fri.-sat was the same routine but there was more & more flirting and chatting. You could see that this was heading somewhere. That Saturday he once again wouldn’t let me take a taxi so I let him take me home again. I jumped in the shower and knew that when I got out there would be a text message wanting for me. We arranged to do something the day after so once we woke up, we arranged to call each other and sort something out. My Greek friend who had come to the tavern with us last week was still here on holiday. This night she had stayed out …….what more can I say she was on her holidays, single and found a Greek lover hahahaha……so in the morning when I woke up fresh and ready to go because I hadn’t barely drink nothing the night before. I was cleaning my house when my friend pulled up with guess who…?  The barman who I worked with. She came in, we both burst out laughing & then we went for a walk on the beach to gossip a little hahaha about her night. She told me what they did & you all know. Well am sure all the ladies know what we gossiped about. Then we went back to my place to get ready. I had spoken with my flirt on the telephone; he woke up a little later than me. Probably because he had drank the night before but he rang me straight away. He had the morning after croaking voice. We arranged to go to his around 6-7pm to chill and watch a film. Me & my friend hahahaha……. I just wanted to make sure & also I didn’t want to leave her alone.

So 6pm he was meant to be coming to get us but he called and asked whether it was ok if he never because he had a new cleaner, cleaning his house & didn’t want to leave her alone in the house. Of course I & my friend didn’t have a problem with this. He lived only 15-20mins walking distance from my house. My friend was happy with him not coming, so that she had more time to get ready.  He texted me wondering where we where and I told him we were running late but would be there shortly. Thank God he only lived nearby due to us not having a car. I had to drag my friend out of my bathroom & the house hahahaha……she’s terrible. Thankfully a car drove past us & my friend put her hand out. The gentleman stopped & it was a straight road so he was able to take us.  We got their around 7pm and he seemed really happy to see us (or should I say me). It was a nice feeling. Anyway 20mins later we decided to go and get a chinese take away.So my friend stayed at his with the cleaner & of course he wanted us two to go alone to chat a little hahahaha……………………………I can’t deny it he was a gentleman indeed. An like you all know gentlemen are hard to find now a days!!!!!!But I kept telling myself don’t be fooled it might just be a front.

So we left to go and get the take away. It was even nicer this time (the drive in his car). We seemed more relaxed & like we had known each other for longer. We got our Chinese take away and arrived back home. My friend was fine she had got into a deep conversation with the foreign cleaner hahahahaha…… am positive she never understood any word my friend had said to her!  (She does have a hapit of doing that LOL getting into conversations with strangers hahaha & not caring even if they can understand her). We ate, chatted, giggled & watched the film but the night pasted quick and before I knew it I was back home in bed getting cuddled……. but guyssssss not by who you all think………………………….it was just my girl friend giving me a goodnight cuddle & to say a big thanks for me letting her stay with me. All the next weekdays I was around at his house every night watching films and just chatting, It was fun and kind of sexy…..event though we hadn’t even kissed. I was beginning to think he didn’t like me in that way and he just liked my company. I was a little confused to be honest.

An then my questions left, when on the Thursday I couldn’t take no more I wanted to know…. So as I was sitting on him, we were both teasing each other……………………I kissed him & he kissed me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was perfectttttttttttttt………………………………….mmmmmmmmmmmm……..I can just remember the feeling, the taste & the excitement just like it was yesterday. I thought I was dreaming at the time. I was thinking FINALLY!!!!!!!!    We kissed a little bit more until it got late and I wanted to go home because I had work in the morning and the night. Fridays were a little bit tiring due to me working am and pm and in the afternoon seeing him so I didn’t rest at all. He asked me to stay and told me he would take me in the morning but I refused. I told him another time……….

When I got home and like always after my shower I checked my phone, there was a text message waiting for me. I must have had the biggest smile on my face, it must have been huge. Like from one of my ears to the other…… Good job no one was there to see me I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. The text message was asking me whether I had a nice evening………………… I wanted to make him smile like I had when I seen his text message so I replied that my evening was very nice and that we would have to do it again sometime soon hahahaha………………………

Friday night was fun and this time of course there was a lot more flirting, laughing & joking. Even though I had only known him for about a month I felt like I had known him for much longer.

Saturday night was actually the funniest night of all. We had a blast…… lots of drinks, shots dancing, laughing & flirting. He was a little drunk at the end of the evening lol but still a gentlemen so no complaints in that area. It was like this man couldn’t do anything wrong. I really did think I was dreaming or there was something wrong with him.

On our journey home he was chatting away about I don’t know about what hahahaha I wasn’t listening but sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..ha-ha! I was just looking at him & thinking why go home to an empty bed when I could go home with this handsome young gentleman and have a nice cuddle. I had missed so much sleeping next to someone and having cuddles. I love my cuddles lots but I think all us ladies do!!!!!!  So when we got to the crossroad were for my house you turned left & for his right. He asked me “tonight what will it be? Left or right? I thought let’s leave it for tonight because he was drunk & I was still wanting to get to know him. So I replied left, he didn’t argue hahahaha I don’t think he was in any fit state too hahaha. Am sure at the time he didn’t even know what was going on! As we were nearby my house I told him I liked him & wanted to spend the night with him. It just came out and it felt right, I had never said that before to anyone but it just popped out without me even having a second thought about it. The best part of this was his reply! Like I said before I thought he didn’t even know what was going on, I was right. He told me ‘tomorrow’ hahahahaha……………………. This was the man who had been trying and waiting patieneitly for so long for this to happen. And his reply was tomorrow not now. As if to say ‘love cant u see am wasted …..Another time maybe hahahaha’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though it sounds strange, I found it very amusing at the time and I still laugh now when I remember how he said it……………

So anyway I did what I was told……..still in shock & chuckling away inside. I got out of his car thanked him and went into my house. I kept thinking did that actual happen or am I dreaming lol I thought at first he was joking but when he drove off I released that he wasn’t. Oh well I thought never mind his lose. It also put the thoughts back into my head about when he didn’t kiss me and I had to kiss him first. Then the more I thought about it the more confused I got. I thought maybe he just didn’t like me but I just couldn’t work out why he was spending so much time with me then. So I just forgot about it and thought……MEN!!! It was late and I was knackered so I went for my shower put my crèmes on & pyjamas. As usual checked phone and oh yes you guessed there was a text msg from him but this time it was weird. He was asking why I had left him alone again!!!! LOL I was thinking you can’t be serious………what’s going on???? He must be very drunk indeed. We texted each other like usual trying to figure things out but I just wanted to sleep so I told him that we would speak tomorrow. No chance though because he then called asking the same things LOL he sound very sweet and I actual felt sorry for him (in some kind of weird way) hahaha…. Then guys guess what he told me next………….he was coming to get me. The first thing I thought was I am in my pyjamas without make up on, just got out shower and lovely and warm in bed. I told him no but no chance, I even offered him to come to sleep in my house but he had made his mind up and wanted me in his bed. In 3minutes flat I heard a beep but I hadn’t moved from my bed because I hadn’t believed he was coming. I thought his drunk and would probably just fall asleep after our phone call but nooooooooooooooooooo………………he was outside my house waiting. I thought just fuck it who cares the man can’t see straight never mind see me without make up etc. He didn’t seem shocked at all when he seen me so I thought he’s very very pissed hahahahaha…… We went back to his and oh yesssssssssssssssssssssss…………………………………………………….. we did jiggy jiggy. Guys I am sorry but don’t be waiting for some juicy Goss/info because I can’t remember anything hahahaha……….. that must mean something?????????Right????????? Was it because it was bad, the bad ones you always remember! Or was it because I enjoyed it that much it sent me to another planet (This sounds more like it!!!). All I can remember is when he was about to go inside of me I stopped him to ask were the condom was and he told me, he had a problem and couldn’t wear them. So for once in my life I let my hair down and thought fuck it am sure he’s not a prick to have something and not care about giving it to me. Hahahaha you know the way u have them quick 10secs thoughts that like 10things fit into them 10secs……well it was one of those.

The next morning………………………………………..

We woke up & cuddled for a while then I asked him could he take me home. I wanted to have a shower and get dressed. So he did! He told me to have a shower etc & call him when I was ready to go for coffee……… I was like get in hahahahaha……………..he still wants to see me!! So we did & I can say from that night on I think I stayed at his home every night. Thankfully my work lent me a car, a smart car & I could get to work by myself. I hated having to ask people or waiting on other people. It just wasn’t me!

Weeks pasted & we were having a ball. Things couldn’t have been better. We really got on. We loved each other’s company. An just wanted to be together all day every day. An so we were ….. Hahaha only from when we had to work!!!

Christmas time came and I had time off work from my morning job so we decided to go away for a week.

I told my boss in the night job I had a lye that I was going to see my family. So it was great……..we went to the Thessaloniki.

We went for 1week (Christmas day etc.) and his friend met us there so it was just the three of us! We had a good time just visiting different places in the snow. Going out every night having a laugh. I loved it!

After we returned he started saying that I should leave my house and come to live with him. I thought about it and 1month later I did and moved fully in with him. It felt great but I was scared of it not going right due to what had happened in my last relationship. But I just thought what could go wrong….. the worst he could do is what happened with my ex and thought FUCK it I will just get back up if he kicks me down…..did it once can do it again!

Then after I had moved in he started talking about my night job not suiting me and that I should leave it and he would help me find a new one. So ……….I did…….My last night was the 14th February!!! We had a Valentines Party in work so it was a good send off…………

How my life started………….

Well hey everyone who is reading this ……..I would just like to tell you that this is my first blog so I hope you all can understand me & I will do it right!

Well first of all I am 21 years old british, living aboard (Greece) with my fiance and my 10 month old son. I am going to try and tell you guys all about my experience as a mum and how I came to this island in Greece and found the love of my life.

So ladies never be told that going to a greek island in the winter isn’t fun or that you can only find love in the summer…….LOL  because I certainly did find mine …in winter time!!

Firstly to let you know how I came to be in Greece. My mother brought me out here to Greece when I was just 15 years of age and stayed for 2 years until I was 17 and then she went back to the UK. Of course I was young and had been filled with excitement of the greek style of leaving so I decided on staying here in Greece. At the time a had a stable relationship and thought why not……… so I did.

In 2008 me & my boyfriend decided to go to an island here in Greece to work for the summer…………… but when we returned to Athens after the season which went fine.

The next morning after we had got back to Athens at the house of my boyfriend and was waiting to have breakfast he told me he had to speak to me about something  very important…

That’s when he told me that while we were away his crazy cousin had woke up one morning and had a bad temper and throw all my belongings out. (Only mine …..AS IF I was going to believe this …. I didn’t have anything with his cousin so there was no reason for him to do something so bad to me). I honestly don’t know what truly happened to my things. I didn’t even bother with going to the fuss of trying to find out………………….. I just thought they weren’t worth the bother.His cousin had some kind of mental illness or something….

The only thing was, that this relationship wasnt just a relationship, it was also a 10 year friendship.                                    But i thought fuck it!!! Who gives a fuck………these people arent even worth it!!!!

After all of this I just wanted to relax and sort my life out (stand on my own 2 feet like we say). It was unfortunate that it had a bad finish to it but this is life. After this I  just wanted to be alone and find my feet. It also was very hard for me to make a lot of choices due to me being on my own in a foreign country at the age of 19. So I moved from where I lived in Athens  and went to one of the most beautiful islands here in Greece to make a fresh start and it actual helped me a lot. I can actually say it was the easiest break up I have ever had considering I thought it would have been the worst due to us known each other for so many years.

Anyway to cut a long story short after a couple of days sleeping at friends houses and trying to figure out what I was going to do and where I was going to go. I went out for coffee with a friend and we were talking about what I was going to do. I had no home, not a lot of clothes & things due to my ex’s cousin  having thrown everything out. All of my belongings clothes, photos, jewelry & shoes etc. To put it this way think… of whatever you have in your bedroom or home being thrown away……….

All my memories gone …from when I was a baby, pictures, letters from my grandmother before she died……………. All my personal belongings just gone and then 2 minutes after being told this ……I also got told that this man couldn’t be with me no-more due to him wanting different things in his life-like marriage, kids basically starting a family & I was only 19 years of age. This wasnt the problem…. the problem was I didn’t feel the click with him for these kind of things……. Of course we had fun together I liked spending time with him but I couldn’t see myself settling down with him & becoming the mother of his children.

At this point I felt completely lost, I was all alone in a huge city & was wondering why……? What had I have done to end up in such a situation…….And then, there appeared my fairy godmother, it was my friend I was with for coffee(Who I had met on this island where I had come to work for the summer season).Coincidence?

NOPE…..Things also happen for the right reasons and if you are lucky to have a fairy godmother!!!!

Anyway she was returning to the island due to her partner being there for the winter and after all our thoughts she told me “ your best coming back with me” because Athens is not really a place for a 19 year young girl. If you get what I mean………………..so I did I joined her back to the island. I had so many feelings inside me ……..worried, nervous, scared & also a weird exciting feeling.

Once again to cut another long story short I came with her back to the island found 2 jobs also a little apartment. One job was Mon-Fri  9 am-3 pm & Fri-Sat in a club here on the island 10pm till 7am were I met my fiance.                      Ladies & Gentlemen this is where the fun, romance & excitement begins……………………………


The Y’s Diary ……Meeting my fiance!!!

I decided to write my story down and let people know my story & what I have been through…

I have no interest in getting rich from this lol even if thats true and everything that I say here on blog is 100% true.

I will update this section when I really have something to say …

For now just read my story and coming soon i will b writing everyday!!!

So sit tight………………..

Yours Y