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My pregnancy………..

As you mums or mums to be all know is that every month you have to go for checkups.  Here is how my checkups went…….The first 2months were just for me to becareful alot due to the first months it is much dangerous for loosing the baby. Anyway every month we went TOGETHER to the doctors it was great seeing this little thing growing, growing & growing inside of ME. I just couldn’t believe it was in my tummy. I thought it was just a tape and was showing us another person’s baby. Until my tummy started growing and weird movements. Then I started believing that something was in there.

Check up 4 It was around 4-5 months. Then it was our check up for finding out what sex the baby was. At first he couldn’t tell because our little one wouldn’t open their little legs for us to see. So I had to go for a drink and walk a little to help the baby change position. The doctor said for them to have their little legs crossed like that and for him to push on my tummy and they still never opened them, then it’s a little girl embarrassed to show us hahaha…….

We returned after walking around & drinking some water and going the toilet. They had their little legs open and the doctor could see from underneath that he was wrong and it was a LITTLE BOY.

We were having a little baby boy yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………… A little prince of our own. I couldn’t believe it I was PREGNANT and it was a little BOY!! We were waiting for our first child which was going to be a little prince. I always wanted my first child to be a little boy. My wish had come true!!!!!

Check up 5 was my 5month into the pregnancy (20weeks). It was quiet a normal check up just to check my blood pressure, position of baby, baby’s heart beat and baby’s size/weight. Everything was tip top!!!!

Check up 6 was my 6month check up the doctor had to see whether the baby had Down syndrome. It’s a well known check up that a English man found and introduced it to the world. The doctor does this by measuring on the scan the fat liquid behind the baby’s neck and if it’s bigger than 4cms it means the baby would have this illness. Thankfully our baby boy had only 1.1cms. Also then they check for the nose bone because the children who have this illness usually don’t have a nose bone but once again our little solider had his. This check up gives you the chance to decide whether you are able or whether you want to have a child with this illness. So this appointment went great for us. On our way there, I had had been so nervous……and now everything was fine. It was like a big ton of bricks had been lifted off my back.

2weeks later we had to fly to Athens for a different checkup, this checkup was to see whether the baby had all his toes & fingers because they don’t have the equipment here on the island for those kinds of tests. It was basically to check he had all his bones in his body. Which I thought was very good that they check all these things now a day. First time I had heard about it. The appointment went fine we seen all his little fingers, toes, legs & arm bones. We even saw his little face. They took a picture of his little face in my tummy and it was so clear. That you could see everything. The doctor then told us that he has probably got his dads nose hahahahaha……. The best was he was smiling so the photo was fantastic……… It’s really amazing what they can do now with them scan machines.

Then we left Athens and came back home. We had to go to Athens for this test due to on this island they don’t have these special equipment & machines. No problem it was good for us to have a little break.

Once we arrived back the next day we had to take test results back to the doctor for him to see. He gave me some blood tests to go to get done the next morning. There were sugar blood tests etc. Which you go and drink this lemon flavored syrup type thing in water and then wait 3hours there in the surgery. That was terrible I couldn’t even go for a walk because they had to take my blood every hour and they told me walking is not good for me and would affect the accuracy of the results. Don’t ask….. I never did understand that! When they had finished the tests, my arms looked like I was some kind of a druggy…..hahahaha I had 2holes on each arm and the nurse had put some big plasters on them so it looked worst than what it was.  I didn’t care I was just glad I was out of there and was able to get something to eat hahahaha……..

A couple of days later the results were back and the doctor called us in. We went and the doctor explained my test results to us. He told us that unfortunately I had diabetes with the pregnancy. I felt like the world had been taken from under my feet. I felt terrible! As soon as the doctor told me I had diabetes I thought it was my entire fault. I just kept thinking that the last couple of days I had been eating lots of sweets & deserts which weren’t like me and I thought it was because of this. I asked my doctor and he said no either you get it or you don’t it wasn’t something you could make yourself get. But no matter what you said to me or how much you explained it to me I still couldn’t stop blaming myself. The doctor explained to us that from now, until I give birth and the blackgutes gets disattached from me then I will have diabetes. He told me also that I had to be careful because if I didn’t this could be passed onto my baby. He explained how I had to take my blood (by spiking my finger) once in the morning before I ate, then 1 after lunch, then 1 after tea and 1before bed. My fingers were black & blue with lots of little holes on the tips of them. It made me feel sick every time not because of the blood this didn’t bother me. It was the thought that I was ill and I could pass this onto my baby. I felt terrible inside. I went home that night and cried my heart out and just thinking am not even a mummy yet and am getting it wrong what it’s going to be like when I do become a parent.

I was very unhappy for days, I tried to think about how things could be worst and that this was nothing we would get through it. But I had to take my blood so many times a day it got me down I just couldn’t forget about it…… it was there every day from first thing in the morning until last thing at night.

I tried my best to eat correctly. My doctor had given me a menu of what and how much I could eat……. It was like a diet. It was horrible. I couldn’t eat a lot of rice, spaghetti, bread etc I had to have small portions of proteins etc. I felt like my baby wanted me to eat something and I couldn’t. I felt terrible, the first few weeks but I started to get use to it. Of course I had my little moments the first days were I cried about it but slowly, slowly I got use to it.

Check up 7 was 2weeks later and I was 28 weeks pregnant and I had to go back for my doctor to see how I was getting on and to check the baby’s weight. He checked his weight due to if the diabetes has been passed through to him then he would have put a lot of weight on than he should have. But thankfully this appointment went ok too. He was fine and his weight was just right. My little prince was growing fast & strong!!!

For the next couple of weeks we would go for a quick check up to the doctor just for him to check the baby’s weight etc. We were doing well. I was being as careful as I could. Even though I would have a piece of chocolate a couple times a week. I couldn’t help myself…. It was soooo difficult. My & my little baby boy were doing fine.

Week 33 I remember it like it was yesterday. I could feel this weird feeling downstairs. I had had this feeling for over a week but I hadn’t told the doctor. I had mentioned it to my friend who’s a mum and my mother in law. My mother in law had told me to stop being stupid it’s nothing but once my friend heard what I had to say she told me to go the doctors straight away. The feeling was like my little fella had his feet down there kicking away. But it felt as if he was going to stick his foot out and wave to us with it hahaha……. It was a horrible & very weird feeling. The next day it got worst and I decided to take my friends advice and go to the doctors just to get the ok. So I did…………………

I called my doctor and he told me to go straight in. I was 32weeks pregnant & 6days. The doctor scanned my tummy and seen that the baby had turned all the way around and it was his little feet. I was right!!! It was what I had thought. So all you mummy’s to be listen here………. DON’T ever listen to others. Whatever you feel & whatever you worry about don’t hold back. What harm could it do just calling your doctor asking. DON’T listen to anyone else but yourself…& your feelings / your baby’s feelings. Anyway my doctor at this point began to explain how if my prince didn’t turn back I would have to give birth with c-section. Once again the first thing I thought of was that it was my fault that maybe I had lifted something or stretched & hurt him and he had turned due to this. Anyway the doctor told me to rest, feet up & relax because it was dangerous now. Due to the baby could kick at any time and break my waters.

We only had 4weeks left because they don’t let you go all the way if you have diabetes, they most often reduce you 2weeks early. Due to the last 2weeks being the most dangerous for the diabetes being passed over to the baby. So we all had our fingers crossed….Once again!!

We went home and I tried to eat lunch but I could feel a discomfort in my tummy low down and all I wanted to do was lay down. So my partner told me come on lets go to lye down. But I couldn’t get comfortable, I was tossing and turning. So my partner woke me up & called the doctor. The doctor told him to bring me straight in. So I had to get ready…………

As we were entering the doctor’s office, my mother in law was nearby and seen us. She came with me shouting “what’s wrong?? Calm down.” I was like I am calm but I can’t stop crying because I am in pain. I couldn’t be bothered with her to be honest. Not in a nasty way but you know she was the one who had told me it was nothing and if I had listened to her I wouldn’t have even gone the doctors, the baby could have kicked and broke my waters. She took me in her arms and told me don’t worry it’s just your hormones hahahahahaha…………    I felt so frustrated. All of a sudden my boyfriend walked in and went straight in the doctors room. It is quiet funny now I think back about it. I imagine someone had been in there with their legs high up in the air hahahaha……. Thank god there wasn’t. Anyway we went straight in because my boyfriend throw the poor people out of their appointment hahaha…………………

I did a few tests and as the doctor took my scan he seen that the baby had turned back to his normal position, which was good news because now I could have a natural birth.

So he gave me a few tablets for the pains and said they would pass and that the pain is just from the baby turning so fast. But he explained that to be sure I should go every morning to check the contractions because on the test we did they were normal contractions and he was worried.

So after a few more tests he sent me home with painkillers, he told me to rest and call him every day. The worst thing was my doctor had to leave the island that night, he had to go to Athens for another patient who was going to give birth. My doctor wanted us to go with him but I told him I would wait until tomorrow and if it was still the same then we would go to Athens to do some tests. My doctor wasn’t sure but he agreed. There was nothing showing that the baby would come so early. I was only 33 weeks, so I had 4 more weeks until they would break my waters.

We arrived home and I rested all night massaging my tummy, telling him baby you’re not ready to come into this big scary world yet…..stay in mummy’s warm, cozy tummy & enjoy it while you can. The next 3days every morning I went to measure my contractions but unfortunately they hadn’t eased down. They had become stronger, especially at night. Saturday night they were bad and I started crying with the pain. My boyfriend couldn’t see me in this pain anymore so he said ‘we have to do something???, Something is wrong’ and so he did. We called my doctor he told me to take more doses of the painkillers but they only helped for a little while and then they came back. So at 2am my boyfriend went online to aegeanair.gr

We flew to Athens, arrived at around 9am at the hospital and I went straight in for tests. I was in till 11am just lying in a bed on a machine which was measuring my contractions. There was another women in the same room as me who was 41 weeks pregnant, 1week over her due date but her tummy was so tiny that she looked only 4-5months. She was having a little girl and was in a lot of pain. We were talking about how high the machine wrote my contractions and I could speak with it. I was in pain but after 3-4days of it I had kinder got use to it hahahahahaha………………………..

My doctor arrived and he told me because its Sunday & you pay double so we should go to his office 30mins away from the hospital. I just couldn’t help thinking when will this pain stop. I was tired of it and defiantly didn’t want to walk around. Anyway we arrived at his office and he examined me and found that I was 3points dilated but the baby hadn’t put his head down in the place ready to for birth. His head was just swinging around so he told me I had to go into hospital until I gave birth. But he said the good thing is it won’t be a month……. You will have giving birth in the next two weeks. He knew I hadn’t hospitals but what could I do I had to go for the the babys sake & mine. At that moment the scariness begun and felt like crying. I begged him at first for me not to go in but once I seen how serious he was and we did live 1hours drive from the hospital, I agreed I had to go into hospital and wait.

We arrived back at the hospital and my boyfriend started sorting out the papers, checking us in. An I went in to the changing room. There was a nurse he told me I had to take all my jewelry off and change my clothes. So I went out to my boyfriend who was standing there smiling filling out papers. I was texting my mum telling her that I would call her once I have been checked in and if anything changed my boyfriend would call. An all of a sudden………………. I burst out crying. I tried to hide it but there was an old woman there telling me “everything will be fine my dear, don’t worry!!!”  Then my boyfriend came, he stared laughing saying “come on don’t cry, there’s nothing to worry about.” The worst thing was he couldn’t come in with me while I got ready and I felt alone and scared. I took my jewelry off but my engagement ring I told them I wasn’t taking off.

Just in case something happened to me I wanted to have this on me to keep me safe. An to feel loved. It’s weird to explain but am sure you women out there reading this can understand me……………….